I provide a lifetime warranty for
all of my products.

I approach the process and outcomes of my work with great care, and I meticulously inspect the quality of the products before shipping them. All of my items are hand-stitched using saddle stitching, which gives me confidence in their quality. Therefore, I provide a lifetime guarantee on all the stitches I make. If, by any chance, the stitch on your item comes undone (which is highly unlikely), I will repair it free of charge.
lifetime warranty
The lifetime guarantee does not cover:

1. Natural wear and aging that are typical for products made from genuine leather.

2. The items that have experienced abrasions, defects in the leather or hardware due to improper usage.

3. The items with defects caused by:

  • Improper usage
  • Improper storage (such as storing in a damp environment)
  • Contact with sharp or hot objects
  • Exposure to chemical substances
  • Self-repair or repairs made by other organizations
  • Use of the item for purposes other than its intended use.
If the purchased item is not suitable, you may return it within 14 days after receiving it. The item can only be accepted if it is returned unused and in its original packaging. Refunds will be processed within 1-3 business days upon receiving the returned package or the actual return of the item.

Please note that the condition and completeness of the item, as well as the completeness of the entire order, should be checked by you within one day of receiving it. Any claims regarding external defects, quantity, completeness, and appearance of the item will not be accepted after two days of receiving the order.
Important: The color of the item may vary from the image due to color rendering and monitor calibration, and the unique shade of leather may vary from batch to batch.
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