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about workshop

Hello, I'm Sergei Nikonov, and this is a brief history of my workshop.

Since 2019, I have been crafting accessories from genuine leather, using traditional craftsmanship techniques. Every element of my products is meticulously cut, glued, treated, and saddle-stitched entirely by hand.
The Beginning
Originally, it was just a hobby for me. I started making accessories for myself and as gifts for friends and loved ones. As my skills grew, the items became more refined and comfortable.

In 2020, I launched my first online store, and the brand received its first name - The Bird.
  • 2019

    The first leather item. A new hobby. Crafting accessories for myself and friends. Developing my own patterns. Immersing myself in the intricacies of the craft.
  • 2020

    The brand name and the first online store. Renting a space for the workshop. First corporate orders. The workshop became the main occupation.
  • 2023

    Moving to Serbia. Starting from scratch. New name, but same principles. First orders under the new brand. New online store.
In 2023, I moved to Serbia, taking with me only the essential minimum of hand tools, fitting within the allowed 23 kg of luggage.

From that moment, a new chapter in the workshop's history began under the new name - Nikonov.
Relocation and a new name
I am completely confident in the quality of each product I create, which is why I provide a lifetime guarantee for all my items.

The reputation of the workshop is built not on the brand name but on the quality of the products. That is precisely why the workshop bears my surname. I take responsibility for the quality with my name.
  • I create individually crafted, high-quality, and practical items. I take my time during the manufacturing process, working with love and great attention to detail.

  • I strive to make products that people want to use, showcase, and recommend to their friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. These are not empty words.

  • I carefully select materials, control and improve every stage of production.

  • The entire manufacturing process is done entirely by hand, by the same artisan, giving each item a unique character and ensuring the highest possible quality.
Shop wisely. Choose items with character. And remember the proverb:
"Disappointment from low quality lasts longer than joy from low price."
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